Denise Weaver - What a gorgeous couple! Wow! I love these!  09.30.09, 6:46pm
jenn - I love these! And what an adorable couple. You have the best job ever!  09.24.09, 9:21am
Trish - I, being the crazy obsessed sports fan, LOVE these! They are a picture perfect couple and the venue is great! Who's idea was the ring pic? So awesome! Also the long snapping pic, so appropriate :) Good Luck to them (and the WHOLE eagles team)!!!!!!  09.23.09, 8:20pm
Jane - These ROCK. She is so beautiful and GOOOO E-A-G-L-E-S!!!  09.23.09, 4:36pm
stacy - these are fabulous! so cool! i love them all! i really like the one of her with the ring too!  09.23.09, 1:33pm
matt - holy cow! that's jon dorenbos! Go Eagles!!!  09.23.09, 11:35am
Raquel - These are VERY COOL pics! WHat a unique location. How did you get access inside and in the locker room? Is that a real championship ring she has? How did she get that? Luis will be jealous when I show him these :)  09.23.09, 10:38am
Sarah - Julie looks BEAUTIFUL...amazing really captured their personalities...bravo! :)  09.23.09, 9:09am
Marcee - How fun this must have been! They look awesome!  09.23.09, 7:36am
Kate - These are so cool. I love the wide angle of them in the tunnel with the eagle above them. And the ones with them in the stands... And the ones on the field. Basically love them all. Good looking couple and love seeing the linc empty?!?!?  09.23.09, 6:50am
Erica - ahhhhhhhhh so cool! Can't wait to show these to Josh. Must have been really neat to have that much access to everything in the stadium! Hope you are doing well :)  09.23.09, 6:27am