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03.22.09  |  Engagements

i loved every second of today's engagement shoot. lisa & joe are beautiful together. and it was great to get to know them and have them show me around their home town.

i love this first photo...

these two are my most favorite from the day. i happen to love birds... this bird that was under a building reminds me of my favorite jewelry from small things. (just a random fact i thought i would share :)

then we headed to the beach...

lisa & joe - can't wait for the wedding! thank you so much for such a beautiful day.

03.21.09  |  Personal

03.21.09  |  Weddings

03.21.09  |  Engagements

kelly and ryan met in high school. in sophomore year they made one of those pacts that go like "if you don't have a date for home coming and i don't have a date... then we will just go together..." a simple pact - but it was really ryan's shy way of asking kelly out. since then they have been inseparable and in a little less then 11 months will be married.

we began shooting where everything started... at their high school. then we headed outside to take advantage of the first day of spring.

03.15.09  |  Portraits

mike and stephanie have a long distance relationship. he lives here in pa but she lives in france. and in fact, she is headed home this evening. so i was really excited to meet them today and take some pictures of them hanging around media. i had a lot of fun! they are quite cute together :)

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